The Most Important Ingredient Your Sunscreen Should Have

The sun is one of the biggest dangers for runners. Here is what your sunscreen should be made of to help keep you protected.


Sunscreen: Let’s Get Physical

Dr. Mitchell Chasin, a cosmetic surgeon and founder of Reflections Center for Skin and Body in New Jersey, recommends using sunscreens with physical block ingredients over chemical. Here’s what that’s all about…

Sunscreens with physical blockers provide full-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. That’s because physical blockers deflect rays, while chemical sunscreens absorb them—the latter may be less effective if the chemicals are unstable, and the long-term effects of chemical reaction on the skin are unknown.

When purchasing a block, look for the active ingredient “zinc oxide,” which provides the best full-spectrum coverage. Chasin recommends the brand EltaMD as an affordable and effective physical sunscreen.