A Massage That Uses Water Pressure To Soothe Muscles

Utilizing the natural healing properties of water, here is a new type of massage that improves circulation and relaxes your muscles.


Runners often wonder what type of massage is really the best, and there is another one that you should add into the mix: hydromassage.

This type of massage uses water pressure—perfect for people who don’t want a random stranger touching them—to work the muscles. I recently go to try it during a stay at The Royal Suites Punta de Mita by Palladium and it was a great way to relax in the hot weather.

I was told that the set up at The Royal Suites was a bit different than other spas—and hydromassage does vary from spa to spa as some places have dedicated massage beds where others have small pools set up—and the hydromassage area was outside. There was a large pool that had different waterfalls and jets of water at different speeds and pressures, along with a small pool of very cold water (imagine an ice bath, of sorts) and a small pool with warm water (like a jacuzzi).

Along with other guests, we would alternate between the water temperatures and time spent in the jets/waterfalls, as it hit our shoulders and back. Combined with the sound of the water it was very relaxing, and gave the opportunity for you to discover what pressure you liked best as the water focused on specific areas.

So why alternate temperatures and get a massage from water in the first place? Ángel Rojas, the Zentropia Palladium Spa & Wellness Center—Riviera Maya Complex Spa Manager, explains that it is actually a benefit for the mind and body.

“From the hot water in hydromassage therapy, clients receive many benefits,” Rojas shares, “including muscle relaxation, improved circulation, elimination of toxins in the body and even cleansing of the skin.”

The cold water, on the other hand, tones the skin, activates the metabolism and helps with the draining of the lymphatic system.

A bit benefit of hydromassage, for runners especially, is the stress relief and body awareness it is said to provide. The natural calming properties of water are used in this form of massage to help relax you even deeper and make you aware of the loosening muscles as you work them in the water.