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Hungry Runner Girl: 25 Reasons Why I Run

Janae shares the reasons why she keeps lacing up her running shoes every morning.

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janae 25 reasons

Do we run for any of the same reasons?  Here are 25 of the reasons that I get out there and run.

1.  I run for that feeling after a race where I lay down on the grass and stare at my GPS watch knowing that I gave it my all and didn’t quit, even though I may have wanted to 1,000 times along the course.

2. For the social hour. Before everyone else is awake, there is not much that I love more than an early morning run with my girlfriends where we talk to each other a million words per minute.

3. It reminds me to do all of the little things that are important for my health. If I want to be a better runner, then I need to drink more water, stretch, put myself to bed at a good time, eat my veggies and strength train.

4. I love the consistency that comes along with running. I love routines. When life throws a bunch of curve balls at me, I love that my running is still there. No matter what happens it’s always a part of my life.

5. Exploration. Nothing better to do on a Saturday morning than find new trails and scenery in our beautiful mountains with some of my best running friends.

6. To feel alive. There is just something about running that sets you free for a bit. It forces you to breathe deep and challenge your body.

7. For the new and optimistic perspective that comes during a run about a problem/situation. After just a few miles of running and thinking about the problem, I am able to come up with new solutions to see things differently.

8. Because being a runner means I get to wear runner’s clothes all of the time. A sports bra just feels so much better than a normal bra.

9. To go along with #8, running clothes > normal clothes. They are more comfortable, cuter (in my opinion) and they just fit me better.

10. So that I can eat more froyo.

11. So that I can eat more donuts.

12. To let my competitive side out a bit.

13. I can’t think of a better way to handle a tough life experience than by pounding out my emotions on the pavement. Crying while out on a nice long run is extremely therapeutic for me.

14. For the gratitude that I experience while I am out there on the roads. Gratitude for nature, our beautiful world, the people in my life and for a body that can run.

15. For the Vitamin D. The combination of endorphins, fresh air and sunshine is the cure, in my opinion, for most of life’s problems.

16. To be a good example for my little one of being active and working hard towards the goals that I have set for myself.

17. The stress relief that comes along with a good run. It seems to just melt off of me with each mile.

18. To surprise myself. To prove to myself that I really am stronger than I think.

19. For my relationships. I am a heck of a lot easier to deal with and a million times more patient after my morning run.

20. For my insides. I want to live for a very a long time. Running is a great way to keep my body healthy and happy.

21. To have a chance to catch up on all of my guilty pleasure TV shows while running on the treadmill.

22. For the runcations. For the races that take me to new places. I have yet to find a better way to take a tour through a new city than with my running shoes on while my arms are pumping and my heart rate is elevated.

23. To be part of a community. We all love to be part of some sort of group and I think the runners community is the best one to join. The people that I have met through running are some of my absolute favorites.

24. To have that ‘me’ time that I need as a single mom. To take care of myself so that I am able to take care of others.

25. For the confidence that fills me after completing a tough workout, a long run or a new personal record. Talk about a self-esteem boost.

What are some of the reasons that keep you running!?! Tweet @hungryrunnergrl and @womensrunning to share.