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How To Burn Thanksgiving Calories Before You Start Eating

Burn significant calories with this TRX workout so you can indulge at turkey time.

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Before you dig into your second helping of gravy and stuffing, you might want to put the fork down and digest this fact: The average a person consumes during a Thanksgiving dinner is a whopping 3,000 calories!

According, the average person nibbles on 1,500 calories throughout the day (breakfast, appetizers, post-dinner snacks). Put that together with your 3,000-calorie turkey feast and you’ve consumed 4,500 calories! And that’s just one day of eating.

While you can makeover the traditional recipe with some healthier options, you’re still bound to eat more calories than you typically do in a day. Because of this, TRX’s Master Trainer Miguel Vargas put together a hardcore workout that sculpts your butt, works your core, and blasts calories! It’s not easy, but it will push you harder than ever before.

To burn more than 2,000 calories, you’ll need to do this workout four times. One complete round will take about an hour and burn 600 to 800 calories. Take breaks and modify when you need to. Do this workout before your turkey feast to get your metabolism going, then give it a try the next day to blast your dinner away.

Also, be sure to check out the PEAR Sports app that recently added TRX workouts to its already great selection. By the end of the year, the app will have 10 different workouts to choose from.

Photo Credit: TRX

Runner’s Stretch

Runner's stretch -1

Start in a high-plank position.

Runner's stretch-2

Bring your right foot to the outside of your right palm. Hold 30 seconds to 1 minute and then switch sides.

TRX Side Lunge

 Side lunge 1

Adjust the TRX straps mid-length. Hold the TRX with palms facing each other, feet wide and elbows in.

Side lunge 2

Hinge at your hips as you shift your weight to one side. Then switch sides. Continue this for 1 minute.

TRX Forward Lunge With Chest Stretch

Forward Lunge with Chest stretch 1

Adjust the TRX straps mid length. Stand tall, feet together and arms extended straight out in front of you.

Forward Lunge with Chest stretch 2

Step forward with your right foot and lunge. Your back knee hovers over the ground and make sure your front knee is aligned with your ankle. As your lunge forward, move your arms out to a “T.” As you step back to start, bring your arms back together. Do for a minute.

TRX Squat To “Y” Fly

 Squat to fly 1

Adjust the TRX straps mid length. Start with your arms extended forward, palms face down. Walk your feet forward slightly past the anchor. Squat.

Squat to fly 2

Push off your glutes to a slanted-standing position.

Squat to fly 3

Engage your core; lift your arms toward your shoulders making a “Y.” As you move your arms, your body will move forward to a standing position. Repeat for 1 minute.

Fast Feet

 Fast feet

fast feet 2

Simply sprint in place. Do 20 fast, 10 slow, and repeat for 1 minute.

Run 1 mile at 65 percent of your regular mile pace.

TRX Lunge (Right)

 TRX Lunge -1

Adjust the straps to mid calf. Place your left foot in the foot cradles. Place your hands behind your head to engage your core and elongate your torso. Plus this trick really makes you engage your glutes—gotta work on your booty! Step your right foot forward so your knee is aligned with your ankle. Bend the front knee and let your back touch the ground.

TRX Lunge 2

As you lift up, bring your left knee up to your hips. Repeat 5 times.

Modification: Do a regular lunge.

TRX Single-Leg Push-Up (Right)

 TRX push up 1

Adjust the straps to mid calf. Place your left foot in both foot cradles and leave your right foot floating next to the left. Place palms on the ground and press into a plank position.

TRX push up 2

Lower down and then push-up. Make sure both feet are flexed. Repeat 5 times.

Modification: Do a regular push-up.

Do five sets of five reps on each side.

Run ¾ of a mile at 70 percent pace.

TRX Single-Arm Squat and Row (Left)

Single-arm squat and row side- 1

Adjust the straps mid length. Hold the TRX with your left hand and make a fist with your right. Hold your left arm extended straightforward next to your right. Your phantom hand (hand not holding the strap) creates tension on your free side. When you have your hand in a closed fist, you’re working harder on resisting rotation: focusing on your plank.

Single-arm squat and row-2

Step your feet forward and lean back in a straight plank. Squat, push off your glutes and row. Do 5 reps.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climber 1

No straps! Get into a plank position. Flex your feet and maintain a straight back. Drop your shoulders down—imagine you have grapes in your armpits to make some wine.

Mountain climber 2

Drive your knees into your chest; keeping your feet flexed the whole time. Every time your right leg comes up, count that as a rep. Do 10 reps.

Repeat this round five times, including single-arm moves on both sides.

Run half a mile at 75 percent pace.

Single-Arm Kettlebell Swing (Right)

Single arm KB swing

Stand tall, feet wide. Hold the kettlebell in your right hand. Hinge at the hips, slightly bending your knees. Let the kettlebell come through your legs.

Single arm KB swing-2

Thrust your hips up (like someone slapped your butt) and swing the kettlebell up chest high. Then think someone just punched you in the stomach and let the kettlebell swing through your hips again, keeping it closer to your groin, then swing it back up. Do five.

Double hand kb swing 2

Modification: Use both hands, do 10 reps.


 burpee 1

burpee 2

burpee 3

We all love burpees! The hop is optional, but the push-up is not. Do 10.

Repeat round five times, including swinging the kettlebell with your left hand.

Run ¼ mile at 80 percent pace. 

TRX Wide-Leg Hip Hinge

hip hinge1 

Adjust the strap mid length. Extend your arms straightforward, palms face down. Shoulders down (think: “crushing the grapes”).

hip hinge2

Hinge at the hips to a flat back. Hold for a minute.

TRX Low-Back Stretch With Rotation

Low back stretch with rotation 1

Adjust the straps mid-length. Begin just like the above exercise: legs wide, arms straight and palms face down. Keep your right leg straight as you bend your left knee.

Low back stretch with rotation 2

Rotate your right side open, as your left shoulder is parallel to your knee. Hold for a minute.

TRX Arm Sweeps

Sweeps 1

Adjust the straps mid-length. Stand tall, feet hip-width apart. Step forward as you bring your arms behind you to open your shoulders.

Sweeps 2

Sweep your left arm up and over so it’s in front of your chest. Repeat other side. Hold 30 seconds each side.

TRX Wall Slides With Forward Fold

Wall slide 1

Adjust the straps mid length. Stand tall, feet hip-width apart. Bring your arms straight up, palms face out.

Wall slide 2

Slide your arms down so your elbows bend and you’re working your lats. Think: You’re squeezing a pencil.

wall slide 3

Then hinge at your hips and fold forward, extending your arms behind you. Hold each for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

TRX Lunge With Hip Flexor Stretch

TRX Lunge 2

Adjust the straps mid length. Stand tall, feet hip-distance a part and hands are extended forward.

TRX Lunge -1

Step your left foot forward to a lunge position. Lift your right arm up so your bicep is next to your ear and you stretch your left arm open. Hold for 30 seconds and switch sides.

With the warm-up and cool-down, focus on breathing. Keep it moving and enjoy it. These moves should not hurt, but stretch the muscles you just worked.

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