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How I Learned To Love My Scale

How one runner changed her relationship with the scale—by upgrading from analog to digital.

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If you’re like me, the scale has not always been your friend. It was that bulky thing gathering dust in the corner of the bathroom, unable to be ignored, ready to seal my unfit fate.

Something needed to change, and quickly.

I realized that with new technology I had updated every part of my workout—GPS watches, live-streaming fitness classes, a nutrition coach living in another country but still fully accessible thanks to the internet—and yet, I hadn’t updated something that helped me measure progress. It was so far behind that it only showed me one number to base my success off of.

I realized that I needed to fully overhaul the way I was tracking the progress of cultivating healthy habits and discovered the Smart Body Analyzer from Withings. Yes, there are other smart scales out there—both Fitbit and Garmin make their own—but I went with Withings for two reasons. First, their app is the best that I have ever used. As a past Fitbit Flex and Garmin vivofit and vivoactive user, I have been won over by the Health Mate from Withings. Second, I use the Withings Pulse O2 as my activity tracker, so I like having all of my data in one place.

From first use, the Smart Body Analyzer changed the way I feel about having a scale in the house. For such a long time, I had actually tucked our analog version into the cabinet under the bathroom sink, not wanting to even think about the number that was appearing. Now, I find myself excited to step on the scale because it is helping me connect with my health in a way I couldn’t in the past.

The data I find particularly useful is the fat mass percentage and heart rate. I am someone who has finally gotten to a point where the number on the scale and the size of my clothes don’t bother me as long as I am healthy and feel good. I had pushed that way of thinking to the forefront of my mind—the number doesn’t matter. Except it stopped mattering so much that I wasn’t taking care of myself (and wasn’t realizing it). Now with the fat mass percentage, I can see that I am not within the ideal range for my weight, height and age, and can work toward reducing that number instead of worrying solely about weight. The same goes for my heart rate. I now have a better idea of what my resting heart rate is and have begun to research if it is within a good range. Keeping an eye on that every morning helps me work on my heart health and stay mindful.

It doesn’t hurt that the scale also measures air quality in our house and tells me the weather (for the current day or the next day, depending on when I weight myself). So, it literally helps me prepare for how to approach the day not just in terms of health, but in terms of what environmental factors are happening around me.

So, if you’re fed up with the number on the scale and have had yours sitting in a closet for ages, don’t even worry about dusting it off. Try a new approach—an updated approach—with a smart scale. Do some research and find the one that works with your current fitness tracker or the one that gives you the data that will best help motivate and inform you, and give it a try. You just might fall in love with a former enemy.

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