Why You Shouldn’t Skip The SPF This Winter

It's chilly, but don't make this common mistake of forgetting SPF. The sun isn't keeping you warm, but here's what it is doing to your skin.


Don’t Make This Mistake: Skipping The SPF

With those tank tops packed away, it’s easy to forget that the sun’s rays are still damaging. UV rays can penetrate cloud cover and reflect off the snow.

“Before heading out, apply a very water-resistant broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, giving careful attention to all areas that will be exposed,” says Cosmedicine aesthetician Michele Racioppi. “Remember the lips need protection. Using lip balm with SPF can help to protect this delicate tissue from burning, chapping and sun damage.”

UV-blocking sunglasses are another must for winter runs.

If You’re Wind Socked

Soothe a wind-burned face with aloe (best straight from the plant!) or an alcohol-free moisturizer. You can relieve chapped, cracked lips with petroleum jelly, but we prefer lathering on some coconut or olive oil, then topping with an organic lip balm.