It’s Getting Easier To Find Snacks Not Full Of Sugar

Thanks to some shifts in the food industry, healthy eating is having its moment. We break down two big trends that make munching manageable.

What’s hot in the world of health food? We spent last year taste-testing the latest products, attending nutrition trade shows and meeting with the biggest brands in the industry. One big trend we saw? The anti-sugar movement is gaining momentum.

Sugars are carbohydrates, which runners require for energy, but vegetables, fruits and other whole foods can give runners what they need with other benefits like vitamins. There’s more variety in bars, such as Pressed by Kind, which are sweetened with real fruit. We’re also seeing products like stevia-based drinks, such as the soda Zevia, enter the market with natural ingredients and low-to-no calories from sugar.

You also may have noticed it’s not all candy bars and greasy potato chips at the checkout anymore. The availability of healthy snack-size options is growing, with brands such as Viki’s Granola offering a portion that’s race-day friendly. This trend is cropping up everywhere, even in dollar stores with drinks and chips from Coconut Beach, which has a mission to serve up healthy products at discount prices. Jerky is king and The New Primal is sourcing grass-fed beef and free-range turkey and getting creative with flavors (habanero pineapple beef, anyone?) while adding no sodium, sugar or nitrates. We’re also excited about Justin’s single-serving packets with banana chips and peanut butter.