Healthy Hints: Feel Your Best Today!

Want to look and feel your best? Read these healthy hints to achieve stellar status today!

Want to look and feel your best? Read these healthy hints to achieve stellar status today!

Cover the Heart

Low-carb living may increase your risk of heart disease, according to researchers in Sweden. A study that followed over 43,000 women found that the more protein they ate compared to carbs, the more likely they were to experience cardiac distress. Remember, no matter what your diet goals are—balance is key.

Honey Bunch

Have a sweet tooth that just won’t quit? Improve your health by swapping out your sugar jar for a honey pot. Polyphenols, an antioxidant found in honey, may strengthen immunity and ward off disease. And a study published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine discovered that eating the natural syrup improved microflora in the gut. Try swirling a spoonful in your morning coffee or mixing a bit into vinaigrettes to give your salad a sweet-and-savory punch.


Mess With the Bull

Recent research suggests taurine, an amino acid found in many energy drinks, may help you run faster. Scientists from the University of Stirling in Scotland examined athletes who performed 3,000-meter time trials both after ingesting a taurine pill and after taking a placebo. On average, participants ran 12 seconds faster with the amino acid in their system. More research is needed to confirm whether taurine is a true performance enhancer—and keep in mind that many beverages contain not only a supplement, but a hefty dose of sugar, caffeine and chemicals.

Mid-Life Crisis

Lacing up your running shoes after you’ve hit the big 4-0 may help you to live the healthiest (and longest) life possible. Researchers studied nearly 19,000 men and women and discovered that those who were in the best shape midlife developed chronic illness nearly 15 years after their less fit counterparts. The most important takeaway? The subjects were tested only on their current fitness level, not how  t they’d been in their teens, 20s or 30s—proof positive that it’s never too late to get off the couch and reap amazing benefits.