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C’mon, Get Happy!

Don’t let anyone call you a party pooper for skipping cocktails in favor of a run! A University of Chicago study has found that people with high levels of self-control are happier than their impulsive counterparts. The secret, researchers say, lies in knowing how to choose between instant, fleeting gratification (like sleeping instead of going for a run) and long-term contentment (a PR at next month’s half marathon).


Looking to race in the Fall? says you shouldn’t have a problem locating a starting line—October is the most popular month for marathons in the United States! Sing along, ladies: It’s the most wonderful ti-i-i-ime of the year…

All Around The World

According to Running USA’s 2013 National Runner Survey, more than 66 percent of runners are likely to travel overnight for a race in the next year. Before you book your next trip, visit our Active Travel section for the scoop on running destinations around the globe!


New research from Kent State University has linked high cellphone use to a sedentary lifestyle. People who spent large amounts of time on their smartphones were more likely to skip out on exercise in favor of checking Instagram. What’s more, when study subjects did take on a workout, their devices provided enough distraction that many people cut their exercise session short. If you turn off your phone and go for a run, we promise, your exercise buzz will be enough to make you LOL.

Hardwired for Cheesecake

Rough day? Scientists say your brain may be hardwired to open a pint of ice cream or a bag of chips. According to German researchers, people in a negative mood are less sensitive to the taste of high-fat foods, putting them at special risk for excessive eating. Though we may not be able to reroute a stressed-out brain to crave kale, we can make an effort to stock our fridges with healthy items so they’re close at hand.