I Don’t “Have” To Run—I “Get” To Run

This is one runner's response to the question, "How do you make yourself run so much?"

“How do you make yourself run so much?!”

“I hate running!”

“I could never run that far!!”

These are some of the responses I’ve received in the past from people who hear I run half marathons and marathons. They don’t get it. It can even sound like torture to them.

I can kind of understand that—I wouldn’t want to do, I don’t know, math problems every day. But some people like math over history and some people like cats over dogs and others like running over pretty much anything else.

I am lucky enough to have found an exercise I love to do. So I don’t think “I have to run” I think, “I get to run!”.

I get to run here…on the sidewalks around town.

weekend run blog 3 (450x800)

I get to run here…along the paths near some foothills close to my house.

going to travel blog (800x450)

I get to run all around the world checking off bucket list items and earning a medal to show for it.

jerusalem marathon recap run blog 7 (800x450)

I get to run.

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