Have Breakfast With This New GU Flavor

These three new flavors will satisfy your taste buds during those grueling morning runs.


Leading sports nutrition brand, GU recently announced three new flavors to its chews and gels collections—the most anticipated being maple bacon gel. The new flavor is a savory addition to the entire collection, which offers a potentially appetizing option for longer runs.

Each packet contains 450 mg of amino acids, 100 mg of sodium, 20 mg of caffeine and 100 calories from a combination of a lot of carbohydrates to make absorption easier and minimize stomach distress.

The other new gel flavor is vanilla spice in the Roctane Energy Gel collection. Salted Caramel Apple joined the flavors of Energy Chews. Magdalena Boulet, recent winner of the Western States ultra run, Olympic marathoner and GU Energy Lab’s Vice President of Research, Development and Innovation, says, “We continually develop new flavor profiles for all of our product categories based on consumer feedback and testing with our pro and sponsored athletes. These new flavors taste great and will help athletes stave off flavor fatigue during their most demanding workouts.”