Okay, This Olympic-Themed Workout Is Too Fun!

This is the most creative way to spice up a workout and keep it current with the games.

olympic workout 1

I am obsessed with the Olympics. Are you? Over the last week I have watched swimming, diving, gymnastics, track and of course—the marathon this past weekend. It’s so exciting and inspiring!

olympics 2

So I’m asking you to channel that inspiration on your next run or workout. It’s easy to forget that these competitors have worked thousands of hours in dark cold gyms or early mornings on the track. It’s not always easy. You’re not always in the mood. There are good days and bad…but they all add up to make us better.

olympics 3

Today I’m sharing a fun workout with some Olympic themes to help keep us in the spirit of the games! Try it and you may get GOLD!

olympics 5

Olympics-Inspired Workout

  • 1-mile jog warm-up while playing the song you’d use for your gymnastics floor routine
  • 50 squats while visualizing yourself holding a 350 pound stacked barbell (victory dance optional)
  • 50 skaters (wide jumping side-to-side) in an effort to cover the whole tennis court (in your living room)
  • 25 burpees pushing yourself up and off the floor like you are springing up from the vault for a quadruple layout
  • 25 push-ups because those are good for your ‘breaststroke form’
  • 50 high-knees like you’re bouncing on the springboard before a perfect dive
  • 50 sit-ups for a strong core to help keep you steady on that beach volleyball court
  • 10 x 100 meter strides while channeling your inner Usain Bolt
  • 1-mile cool-down while listening to the national anthem

olympics 4

How to score your Olympics-Inspired Workout:
Give yourself 10 points for every exercise completed. Add 5 points if you didn’t complain. Subtract .1 point if you fell more than once. Subtract .2 points if you stopped at any point to check Instagram. Add 6 points if you said a cuss-word during the burpees.

olympics 7

If you scored more than 10 points, you get (a heart of) GOLD. Good job!