Two New Products To Consider For Your Hydration Plan

These two new hydration products from Gatorade and Nuun act as solid supplements to water when you need to replenish your body.

Let’s face it: Sometimes water isn’t enough, and you want to turn to a legit sports drink to top off stores, hydrate en route or replenish everything lost on a sweaty run. Two go-to brands have new formulations you should know about…

Gatorade Endurance Formula

$2 for one bottle or $29 for powder canister

The drink you recognize in every gas-n-sip and on many racecourses now has no artificial sweeteners or flavors and has a lighter flavor profile and a combination of carbohydrates to please the palate and sit better in the stomach for those going long—and consuming a lot of it.

Nuun Performance

$2 for single-serve packet or $20 for pouch

The brand you likely know for its dissolving and flavorful tablets has now come out with a powder. In partnership with Dr. Stacy T. Sims, an exercise physiologist who’s an expert in hydration, Nuun designed this formula to include electrolytes and carbohydrates appropriate for longer and harder efforts. In mango-orange and blueberry-strawberry, the drink is light and made with non-GMO and pure ingredients to enhance absorption and reduce stomach upset.


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