For When You Just Want To Stop Running

One runner saw the perfect message to keep her moving on her run.

dont stop

I spotted this sign on my run this weekend and it was like it was there just for me. I was about 7 miles into a 15 mile run and was NOT feeling it.

“I’m not even half way!”

“I should just walk a little… like back to my car and go home.”

“Ugh. It’s hot. Who runs in this weather? Crazy people that’s who…”

“There’s sunblock in my eye; my freaking eye!!!!”

I was flooded with negative thoughts and very ready to give up on this sweat session when I spotted this: “Don’t stop.”

Truthfully, it didn’t immediately make me want to run another 8 miles—but it did give me and excuse to take a break for a quick picture. And more importantly it got me to keep running for another mile. And then another mile… and another.

When you’re super discouraged it’s hard to imagine running another 3 miles or hour or to the end of the street. You just want to STOP. Preferably, now. But you don’t have to talk yourself into running 100 more miles–you just have to keep going right this second. Take another step. Then, another one. Don’t stop.

It sounds so cliché but it’s true—just take it one mile at a time, maybe even one step at a time—but if you’re just tired you can make your body keep going. Stay positive. Most likely it’s our head that is tired and wants to quit. Our body can keep going. But you have to decide that you will not stop right now.

Distract yourself with music or a funny time or looking for birds or counting yellow cars. Just don’t stop. At least not right now—you’ve got another mile in you.

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