For Runners Who Want To Look Good For Those Race Photos

Here's how you make it to the end of a race while still looking presentable.


Being a makeup artist in Southern California, I often work in the world of fitness and with the Women’s Running team. Whether it’s photo shoots or video, I am consistently asked for makeup tips. Last week while working on a photo shoot for Competitor, one of our female runners asked me, “How can I still look good at the end of a race? Especially when I’m being photographed.”

Well, this got me thinking about the evolution of style and trends in fitness, from all the chic edgy styles in fitness apparel and accessories to the trendy fashion-forward braided ponytails and messy buns. Why wouldn’t makeup play a part in the evolution as well? Many women want to look their best, whether they wear makeup or not, especially when there’s a camera involved!

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Here’s some tips on how to look your best if you’re adding a little color to your complexion.

The Face

The obvious one is to start with your sunblock. The sun is our natural source for vitamin D, which makes us feel really yummy on the inside but it can be very damaging to the outside of our skin. Next, try layering a BB Cream over your sunblock. This product gives a little more coverage then a tinted moisturizer, yet it’s still lightweight. Most cosmetic brands make a BB Cream now and they almost always have an SPF as well for a little extra protection. One of my personal favorites is Bobby Brown SPF 35 BB Cream.

The Eyes

I would opt not to use eye shadow before a race. Keep it simple to prevent any extra product from sweating into your eyes while running. Add a little eye pencil, like Benefit Cosmetics Badgal Waterproof Liner to the base of your lash line to help create the illusion of thicker lashes. After you apply the eyeliner, smudge out the liner a little bit using a brush or sponge. This will help it to stay in place and prevent smudging during your run. Complete the look with a waterproof mascara. Using waterproof eye products are harder to get off so an oil based remover is a must. One of my top picks is Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. Not only does it remove all of your eye makeup, but it also helps to condition your lashes.

The Lips

Tinted lip balm is a great product to not only protect your lips but also keep them feeling moist and looking good while running. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm is a must-have. There are several colors to choose from and they can also be layered over lipstick or lip pencil to create a more dramatic look for a night out. Make sure to choose a lip balm with an SPF and one that’s small enough to take with you to re-apply on your longer runs.

The Cheeks

No need to worry about blush since mother nature will take care of that once you get your blood pumping! If you still want to apply a little something, then go for a cream or liquid blush. Try Cremeblend Blush from Mac Cosmetics. This will create more of a stain of color and will stand up to sweat much better than a powder blush would.

Whether you feel better wearing a little makeup or prefer to go au natural with a naked face during your run or workout, the choice is yours. Either way, the most important thing is to properly cleanse your skin at the end of every day. One of my favorite cleansers is Botanics All-Bright Cleansing Foam Wash made by Boots and can be found at any Target store or online. Since our skin cells rejuvenate while we sleep, you want to make sure to thoroughly remove the layers of SPF, makeup and sweat before you get your beauty rest.