Foot Exercises Every Runner Should Be Doing

Don't forget about your feet! These stretches could keep you running injury-free!

You log your miles, and if you remember, squeeze in a quick post-run leg stretch. But the one area that many runners neglect is our feet.

The feet take an awful lot of pounding day after day from running, walking, strength training and intervals. It’s no wonder that when we finally sit down for a pedicure, we let out a big sigh of relief when the foot massage happens. Feet need TLC. They need stretching and self-massage daily to relieve the pressure put on them daily.

Bill Boland, Alignment Guru, Founder and Creator of Body​fix Method™ knows how important the health of feet are to runners. If feet begin to hurt, performance may suffer. In order to keep you in tip-top shape, Boland shares a few foot exercises. Do these moves every day for 30 days and then every other day after that.