Foods that Fuel Shay’s Running

Shay Mitchell loves incorporating delish recipes into her healthy diet. Here are some of her go-to eats

Shay mitchell

We asked Pretty Little Liars’ star Shay Mitchell to go over her typical day of nutrition. Don’t worry- she does indulge a bit too! Then we raided her fridge to find out what five items are always stocked inside.


Shay Mitchell loves incorporating new, delish recipes into her (mostly!) healthy diet. Here are some of her go-to eats…

Pre-run snack: A bowl of applesauce with a teaspoon of peanut butter.
Post-run meal: Fillet of salmon with teriyaki sauce and veggies (recipe here).
On-set snack: Donuts. “Carbo-loading!”
Afternoon snack: Kale chips. “I always have those in my bag.”
Lunch on-the-go: Veggie Grill’s buffalo tofu wings and the All Hail Kale salad. “If I want an extra snack, I will get sweet potato fries too. It’s all very healthy.”
Dinner: Kelp noodle stir-fry. “You can make this with any type of vegetables you like!”


We raided Mitchell’s fridge (kind of) to find her five must-haves.

Aloe vera juice: “It really helps with digestion!”
Frozen grapes: “To feed that sugar craving.”
Kelp noodles: “They are so great in any recipe for a rice replacement.”
Lemon: “Anything I eat usually has lemon in it.”
Almond milk: “I always drink it or pour it over my cereal in the morning.”