Study Shows Tart Cherry Juice Is The Best Recovery For Sprinters

A new study has revealed some new benefits of tart cherry juice for athletes.

Tart cherry juice may be a promising new recovery aid for sprinters who require a high volume of energy turnover and eccentric muscle actions. A new study published in Nutrients found Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate helped recovery among eight semi-professional male soccer players following a test that simulated the high physical demands of a soccer game.

The juice, compared to a placebo, was found to do decrease muscle soreness following efforts of a field-based sport, like soccer, which also happens to involve a lot of sprinting. While additional research is needed, the authors suggest the decreasing of post-exercise inflammatory processes may be responsible.

The data supports previous research showing similar results for athletes performing marathon running, high-intensity strength training, cycling, and metabolic exercise. But these new findings now suggest the juice may benefit athletes involved in long-term sprint activity, such as soccer, rugby and lacrosse. Oh, and hard track workouts of sprinters?

Montmorency tart cherries are the most common variety of tart cherries grown in the U.S. What’s better–the concentrate can be mixed with water or other juices. It can also be consumed straight from the bottle or used as an ingredient in recipes, including smoothies and other beverages.

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