Here’s Another Reason To Love Sunflowers

Sunflowers hold more value than their beauty alone–their seeds are also incredibly nutritious.

Peanut Who?

Sunflowers are tall and stately; and though the seeds are small, they’re a nutritional powerhouse. You may have seen a rise in schools of products like SunButter that are free from many top allergens, including peanuts and tree nuts. (Fun fact: One jar includes nearly three pounds of shelled seeds.)

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Sunflower seed butter is also much higher than peanut butter in vitamin E, iron, thiamine, zinc, copper and magnesium. These are vitamins and minerals that support everything from your cardiovascular and nervous systems to your immunity, blood supply and energy levels. The yellow bloom’s seeds are also low in saturated fat, unlike many of their nutty compatriots.

You can simply swap in sunflower butter (DIY or store-bought) for almond butter or whatever nut butter you eat on bagels or bananas. But one surprise that came from our taste tests was how easily the creamy or crunchy variations of SunButter mix into a dip or sauce. Combine with an equal amount of sesame-ginger dressing (we like Newman’s Own), and add some crushed red pepper if you like heat. You can use this on a rice bowl, pasta or salad, or as a dip for summer rolls, vegetables or even fruit.


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