Pumpkin Rules The Day In Each Of These 4 Snacks

Autumn is officially here, bringing with it sweater weather, crackling fires and all things pumpkin. Embrace the season with these healthier-for-you snacks and treats.

RXBar Pumpkin Spice, $2.49

This limited-edition flavor, like all RXBars, has a super-clean ingredient list—just dates, egg whites, nuts, pumpkin, spices and natural flavors. Testers compared the bar to doughy pumpkin bread, as it has a chewy, nutty texture and a well-balanced pumpkin and spice flavor. From the flavor, you wouldn’t guess this bar has 12 grams of protein!

Siggi’s Pumpkin And Spice, $1.69

This seasonal flavor of Icelandic-style skyr yogurt nails the fall-esque flavor without being too strong or sweet. The all-natural list of just eight simple ingredients includes milk, cane sugar, real pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg, and testers loved the creaminess as well as the lower sugar content, as compared to that in other yogurts. With 15 grams of protein per cup, it can help you recover from your morning run.

Bobo’s Oat Bar Pumpkin Spice, $2.49

Paired with a cup of coffee or chai tea, this oat bar makes for a perfectly spiced treat. Made with natural ingredients such as whole-grain rolled oats, coconut oil, cinnamon and cloves, the baked bar is gluten-free and not too sweet (or too strong on the pumpkin flavor). Each bar also has 6 grams of protein and a whopping 50 grams of carbs to help you fuel your day or workouts.

Kodiak Cakes Minute Muffin Pumpkin Dark Chocolate

This little muffin in a cup is all about convenience—all you have to do is add a little water (or milk), stir and microwave for 60 seconds. The texture is surprisingly muffin-like, and we love the chocolate/pumpkin flavor combo. Made with whole-wheat flour, whole-grain oat flour and whey protein concentrate, these tasty muffins lower the guilt factor and make you feel full longer, thanks to their protein and fiber.