Top Spots To Grab A Bite Around New England

Check out our tips on where to find the best food in New England.

Eating Like A New Englander

We’ve got tips on what to order in every coastal state.

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Connecticut: Post-Run Splurge

New Haven’s Louis’ Lunch is recognized as the birthplace of the hamburger sandwich in 1895. The classic version includes five cuts of meat that are freshly ground, cooked and served on white toast with cheese, onion and tomato. That is all—no condiments allowed.

Rhode Island: Hydrate With This

You can’t travel to New England without seeing clam chowder on just about every menu, but only order at restaurants offering the homemade stuff—and it should be like a soup, not a thick paste! To impress your travel buddies, explain it’s made from quahogs (pronounced KO-hogs)—consider getting a clamming license to try collecting the hard-shell clams yourself!

Massachusetts: The New Runner’s Chew

At virtually any seaside shop, you’ll find saltwater taffy. But at Cabot’s Candy in Provincetown, you’ll find it freshly made with Cape Cod sea salt. Stick a piece in your cheek when you head out on a run for a sugary jolt.

New Hampshire: Instead of a Gel

We can’t resist anything maple and have a deep appreciation for the abundance of real maple syrup in the region. Neighboring Vermont doesn’t boast a coast, but it is the home of UnTapped, which actually packages the sweet stuff perfectly for runners.

Maine: Get Crackin’

With less saturated fat and cholesterol than other lean meats, such as pork or white chicken meat, lobster is a healthy choice. You’ll find no better place to get it fresher. If the whole crustacean isn’t your jam, grab a roll that’s light on the mayo so you can really taste the lobstah!


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