Improve Your Weekly Meal Prep with Three Delicious Sauces from Elyse Kopecky

Having tasty sauces on-hand can upgrade your meals throughout the week.

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Even the simplest of meals can be seriously upgraded with the right sauce. Elyse Kopecky takes you through her three favorite meal prep sauces to make every week.

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Part of the Mastering Meal Prep with Elyse Kopecky video series. Get how-tos and recipes for her Turmeric Coconut Curry, Green Goddess Tahini, and Apple Cider Viniagrette sauces.

Read transcript, below:


Sauces are a key to pulling off quick weeknight dinners. If you have a flavorful sauce stashed in your fridge or freezer, you can make a really simple dinner and turn it into something extra special.

I have here just a basic bowl with some brown rice, black beans, leftover roasted veggies, and some sliced avocado, and I’m going to drizzle it with my go-to Coconut Curry sauce.

If you eat something bland and boring, you’re going to be hungry at the end of the meal but if you add a flavorful sauce, it’ll leave you feeling satiated and satisfied, and you’ll be less likely to reach for the bowl of chips. Making sauces from scratch, you’ll get all those anti-inflammatory superpowers in there, you’ll get to choose the healthier fats that you want to include, you can skip the sugars and preservatives, and, most of all, homemade sauce just tastes really good.

It takes a little bit more effort to make your sauces from scratch. And I know there’s endless options for store-bought sauces at the grocery store, but it really is worth it to put in the extra time and make a fresh homemade sauce. Store-bought sauces have cheap vegetable oils added because food companies have to use less expensive ingredients to make it cost-effective. They often add sugar and other sweeteners, they’re loaded with preservatives, and they just really lack the fresh flavor that you’re going to get from making your sauces from scratch.

The best way to do it and pull it off is to plan ahead and make a double batch of your favorite sauces and freeze it for quick weeknight meals so you always have your favorite sauce at the ready.