I’m Hungry; Can I Eat All The Things?

If you’re running crazy miles, you can eat everything in sight—right?

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training and has tips to offer about how to ramp up your mileage when you’re ready to set new running goals.

How should I be dealing with my hunger spikes when I ramp up my training? I feel like I can eat all the things—can I?

No matter if it is a light week of training or you are really in the heat of mileage and intensity, proper nutrition is key for recovery and optimizing performance. When you have ramped up your training, you need to make sure that you are refueling and eating enough for your body to continue to operate at such a high level. Listen to your body—if you are hungry, eat! But make sure that what you are eating is not made up of empty calories like solid fats and added sugars. Instead, choose foods that supply vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and essential fatty acids. Your body is like an engine—make sure you are fueling it with supreme gas!


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