GU Recovery Brew

Gubrew-246x300 In the July/August issue of Women’s Running, coming out on newsstands this week, nutritionist Suzanne Girard Eberle highlights the importance of eating right immediately after a long run. Hydrate and eat a carb-loaded snack within one hour after exercise, and you’ll be ready to run again the next day. Don’t eat at all, and you may feel lethargic and sore.

A few companies have jumped on the recovery product bandwagon, offering drink mixes designed to get you the carbs you need fast. (Clif Bar LUNA Sport Recovery Smoothie in dark chocolate is one of my favorites.) This month, GU is releasing the new Recovery Brew, that includes carbs, protein, amino acids and antioxidants. In strawberry-watermelon and orange-pineapple flavors, the Recovery Brew comes in a packet designed to be added to 16-ounces of water. I drank the strawberry-watermelon after a six-mile run yesterday, and it made for a refreshing, fruity treat.

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