Elyse Kopecky’s Rules for Storing Muffins and Waffles

Make mornings easier by having ready-made breakfast items on-hand.

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Learn the best ways to store and reheat your breakfast treats so they taste just as fresh as the day you made them. Find the recipe for Superhero Muffins here.

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Part of the Mastering Meal Prep with Elyse Kopecky video series.

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So I love to make big batches of superhero muffins. Everyone in the family loves muffins. I do a lot of different variations on them. I’m working on some new versions of superhero muffins for our next cookbook. And it’s just one of those breakfast foods that’s really hearty and satisfying and easy to take on your way out the door.

Anytime I bake muffins, I like to make a double batch so we have fresh muffins to eat for the week. And then I also have a little stash hiding in the freezer for last-minute snacks. I tend to freeze my muffins in smaller containers for individual portions that you can grab and go in the morning, so this works great for that. And then I also will freeze like a whole bunch of them if we’re going on a trip, so we have them ready to go.

I always make, during my meal prep, I’ll make a big batch of something for easy breakfast. My family’s favorite is waffles. I love that waffles are really easy to make ahead and to reheat in the toaster. I just slightly undercook them so that they can toast up nicely in the toaster, the rest of the way they’ll get nice and brown and crispy.

And you can just stack them in your storage container and they can go straight from freezer to toaster without even thawing them. My kids on school days, they eat waffles with syrup and peanut butter on their way out the door. And this larger size kind of container is great for keeping in your freezer. I will literally just keep it in there and keep adding to it as we make—anytime we make waffles and we have some leftover, they go into the freezer for future breakfasts. Or, if you go through them as fast as we do, you can just keep them in the fridge.