What’s The Real Deal With Edible Wellness Formulas?

It may seem a bit 'woo woo' but if you have protein powder, you're already familiar with it.


There’s a new way to take herbs; gone are the days of liquid drops and pills. There are now options to get your wellness on in powder form and when we heard of one of the more well-known options—Moon Dust—we knew we had to find out what the heck it was and does. It may seem like something you’d hear about on Goop, but it isn’t as ‘woo woo’ as you may think.

“Moon Dusts are adaptogenic blends of super-herbs and super-mushrooms,” shared founder of Moon Juice—makers of Moon Dust—Amanda Chantal Bacon. Basically, that’s a fancy word meaning that they help regulate your adrenal system, which are the glands that produce hormones. “They help balance our stressed-out systems by replenishing phytonutrients and helping regulate hormones, like cortisol.”

Moon Dusts come in six different blends—Beauty, Brain, Sex, Power, Spirit and Dream—to help benefit specific areas of the body from the inside-out.

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So what are the benefits of getting these nutrients from a powder? Well, Chantal Bacon explains that tasting the herbs allows you to experience the plant essence and absorb the nutrients faster. Also, there are multiple ways to consume it—in coffee, tea or a smoothie, for example—so you can have your formula no matter what your beverage of choice is in the morning. You can even add it into foods, such as pancakes or muffins.

If you’re interested in this idea of edible wellness, Chantal Bacon suggests Power Dust for runners to help combat the physical stress that exercise and training put on the body.

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“Power Dust is a blend of elite herbs like Ginseng, which has been used for centuries to sustain energy, enhance recovery, and eleuthero, which is known for its ability to reduce fatigue and increase stamina,” she explains. “The adaptogens in the Dusts help the body manage the stresses it undergoes.”

If you are thinking that this edible wellness sounds a bit ‘woo-woo’ for you, think about whether or not you use protein powder. In essence, you’re already using edible wellness! Moon Juice also has plant protein in their lineup, so trying one of these edible formulas may not be as out there as you once thought.