Keep These Smoothies On Hand For A Post-Run Treat

These 3 smoothies are easily stocked in your freezer and will bring pleasant surprises to your taste buds.

Anyone who regularly makes smoothies at home knows the freezer is the place to have ingredients at the ready. These new options will be a pleasant surprise for your taste buds.

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Pitaya Plus Smoothie Packs, $7 For Pack Of 4

The crazy-bright color alone (thank you, antioxidants!) makes this dragon fruit purée an enlightening way to start the day, but it tastes delicious, too—like a cross between a watermelon and a kiwi. Similar to frozen acai, mix a packet in a blender with your favorite ingredients for a smoothie or bowl.

Daily Harvest Smoothies, $7 To $8 Each

All of the ingredients come in a cup that you dump into a blender with your liquid of choice, so these couldn’t make life easier. Pour the final product back into the cup (there’s even a straw hole in the lid). Mix and match with frozen soups and oat or chia pudding bowls with a weekly or monthly subscription to have healthy at the ready.

The Jackfruit Company Ripe Jackfruit, $6

This giant, spikey fruit is growing in popularity. You may have heard of vegan-style dishes made with the unripe fruit (the texture can approximate pulled pork or chicken), but the ripe fruit is much different. It tastes similar to Juicy Fruit gum (or mango) and adds a creamy texture to your drink.


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