Find Insta-Friendships and Inspiration On Social Media

Finding a new running partner could be as easy as opening Instagram.


Running is inherently a lonely sport but joining a social media network and jumping in to the conversation with other runners from across the globe can make it feel less so!

If you are new to Instagram, or haven’t yet joined (what are you waiting for?!) you may be unsure how to connect with other runners beyond following some of the larger running centered accounts. Adding hashtags to your photos is a great way to help others find you. Searching through hashtags is a great way to find others!

A hashtag, for those of you who don’t know what it is, starts with a # sign and is a way for pictures to be grouped together by topics. Anyone can start a hashtag so if you don’t find what you are looking for below, get creative and come up with a new one.

If you enjoy looking at running pictures and aren’t looking for runners in any particular area of the world, search these popular hashtags:

  • #run
  • #running
  • #runner
  • #instarunners
  • #instarun
  • #instarunner
  • #irunthisbody
  • #womensrunningcommunity
  • #runchat
  • #runnergirl
  • #runnerscommunity
  • #runnersspace
  • #werunsocial
  • #iranitfortheinsta

If you are a marathoner or are currently training for a marathon search these marathon focused hashtags

  • #marathon
  • #marathontraining
  • #marathoner
  • #marathonrunner

If you are trying to connect with other local runners in your area, try searching #instarunners with your city or country at the end. Can’t find your city? Start your own hashtag. You never know who else out there may also be searching through hashtags.

  • #instarunnersbrasil
  • #instarunnersgreece
  • #instarunnersspain
  • #instarunnersnyc

If you are running a particular race or race series, search hashtags for that race. All of the Rock N Roll races have race specific hashtags. This could help you find someone to run with on race day or find out about social media meet ups!

  • #rundisney {for fans of Disney Races}
  • #bostonmarathon {Boston Marathon}
  • #runwiththemarines {Marine Corps Marathon and other races put on by the Marine Corps Marathon organization}
  • #runrocknroll
  • #rnrsd
  • #stripatnight
  • #rnrchi
  • #rnrphilly
  • #rnrnola
  • #rnrdc

Just a warning that searching through these hashtags could lead to you fall in to a black hole. One hashtag leads to another, leads to another, and next thing you know you have been looking at running pictures for hours!

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What are some of your favorite #running related hashtags on Instagram?