Our Editors’ Race-Day Must Haves For Our Faces

Our race day beauty tricks save our skin and help us look slightly less frightening in front of on-course cameras.

5 Products That You Need Before Your Next Race

Our race-day beauty tricks save our skin and help us look slightly less frightening in front of on-course cameras.

Very few headbands stay put on my head, and one must for race day is to have every strand away from my face. I was skeptical when someone insisted I give Headsweats Women’s Energy Band 1” ($15, a go; however, after a few runs and one race, I was sold. Not only did it not slowly creep up my scalp and fly off , but it also didn’t leave an annoying mark on my hairline.
—Caitlyn Pilkington, web editor

I ruin just about every race photo by serving up some “I’m so freaking tired” crazy eyes. Well that was until I figured out this obvious trick: sunglasses! I like Smith Optics Colette Sunglasses ($169, The streetwear styling, featherweight frame, grippy nosepads and polarized lenses make these work just as well for the farmer’s market as they do for the finish line.
—Jessie Sebor, editor in chief

To prevent chapped lips, I have to wear lip balm for races. Ever since I tried Coola Liplux SPF 30 Original Formula ($12,, it’s become a necessity. Not only does it moisturize and protect against the sun, but it goes on so smoothly that you can cover outside your lipline and use it for other sensitive areas—for a windy race, I’ll put some on my cheeks, chin and nose.
—Nicki Miller, managing editor

Yes, I can be a little vain, even when I race. I’m not talking Kardashian contouring, but I like to have a little glow and an even skin tone. Supergoop CC Cream ($32, is my new go-to. I love every product Supergoop creates, but this CC cream is genius. It’s lightweight, it stays put when I sweat and there is no greasy mess or chalkiness—which is rare for a product that contains sunscreen!
—Erin Douglas, art director

I never toe a starting line without a hat. My race rotation has included caps, visors, standard truckers and now this run-ready Boco Gear Relaxed Trucker Cap ($25, With a sweat-wicking band, sun-blocking brim, breathable mesh and a flattering fit, it takes care of a laundry list of racing worries, allowing me to focus on the run.
—Allison Pattillo, contributing gear editor

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