Believe It Or Not, Eating Healthy Can Save You Money

Fast food is usually more convenient, but what you save in time for a quick pick up, you pay for in dollars.

Junk food or fast food has been tied with inexpensive for decades. However, it’s not entirely true. According to a recent study conducted by and MyProtein, a diet that consists of predominantly take-out can cost 193 percent as much as a diet comprising mainly fresh, home-cooked meals. This means that a healthy diet can cost almost 50 percent less than an unhealthy diet. That’s some food for thought.

Comparing a couch potato diet to a bodybuilder, fitness model, professional athlete and strongman competitor, results found that the couch potato diet cost a minimum of $16,016 per year. The bodybuilder’s, fitness model’s, athlete’s and strongman competitor’s diet all cost under $10,000:

Couch potato diet = $16,016 per year
Bodybuilder diet = $8,476 per year
Fitness model diet = $8,632 per year
Professional athlete diet = $9,048 per year
Strongman competitor diet = $8,268 per year

Between eggs, produce, protein and supplements, the healthier diet consisted of dining in and portion controlled meals.


Eating Healthy Can Help Consumers Save Thousands of Dollars

A few key tips to saving money when eating healthy:

  • Shop on the outside aisles at the grocery store. You’ll get fresher products that cost less than processed, bagged food in the aisles. Plus, that’s where the junk food lives—steer clear!
  • Shop local. Foods that don’t have to travel far costs less. Sprouts usually uses local produce, which keeps costs low—meaning healthy eating doesn’t have to break the bank!
  • Plan ahead. Pick one night a week and plan out all your meals, this way you’ll know exactly what to buy at the store without letting food go to waste.
  • Cook more at home. Limit your eating out to one or two days a week. Not only will this save you on money, but you’ll also save on calories and fat.
  • Control your portions. When you cook at home, make sure to use portion controlled containers so you’re getting the most out of your meals.

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