Eat Pray Run DC: What I Actually Eat

Courtney takes us through a day in the life of her meals and fuel!

Sometimes after a race nutrition = all the food!

I have been thinking a lot about diet and nutrition lately, so I thought I’d do a fun post sharing what I eat in a typical day. I’m somewhat a creature of habit and have a number of go to recipes. I believe in eating real foods, eating a varied diet and not being afraid to treat myself. I don’t follow any particular diet or method of eating. No paleo, vegan, or whole30 for this gal. I think folks should make decisions on food based on what is right for them. So, with that being said, here’s what I’m eating on a typical day:

Breakfast: I work from home and usually start my day with a cup of hot tea, a big water bottle and either a Larabar or oatmeal. If we have fresh fruit (it goes quickly in our house), I’ll usually have some as well. If I run early in the morning, breakfast tends to be more substantial— oatmeal with fruit on the side rather than just a Larabar.

Lunch: I love lunch. I get to take a break from work. Typically I will make a sandwich on whole wheat bread— usually something with mozzarella, tomato and spinach. For my side item, I will air pop some popcorn, sprinkled with a bit of salt and pepper. I’ll often treat myself to a Coke Zero as well. (I can’t give them up and at this point, so I’ve stopped trying!) Depending on the day, I can often have leftovers from the previous nights dinner for lunch. Especially if there is only a bit of food leftover (i.e. not enough that my husband would consider it a meal).

Dinner: I try to make three different dinners throughout the week. Since I usually eat a sandwich for lunch, I’ve been trying to make dinner protein focused rather than something like pasta. I may make roasted salmon with kale and sweet potatoes or cook chicken cooked in my crockpot with a side salad. I try to keep dinner simple and delicious. I generally don’t spend more than 30 minutes cooking dinner during the week.

Snacks: I love snacks and will usually have at least one per day. My snacks range from fruit to a Larabar to popcorn to (last week) a cupcake. I may also add in a snack depending on my workout schedule. Some days I will both run and go to a Pure Barre class. On those days I usually need a bit extra fuel.

Of course, I’m not a doctor nor am I a dietitian, so please don’t take any of this as advice about what you should eat. I just do my best to make healthful meals for my family that taste great and don’t require me to spend hours in the kitchen.

What’s a typical day of eating look like for you? Tweet @eatprayrundc and @womensrunning to take us through an eating day in your life.