Your 3-Step Guide To Using Dry Shampoo The Right Way

One hair stylist shares a quick change to your routine that will make all of the difference.

Dry shampoo belongs in the gym bag (and bathroom vanity) of every runner. Both spray and powder formulas absorb sweat and grease, refreshing your hair between shampoos.

Most of us use the dry stuff the standard way: Spray or sprinkle on greasy hair, wait, brush out. But here’s a runner-friendly hack from Marie-Eve Faucher, a Redken Canada artist and stylist at Toronto’s Salon Tucci, that’ll keep your hair fresher, longer.

1. After washing and blow-drying your hair in the a.m., apply a coat of dry shampoo. “It will help the oils and sweat spread out on the hair shaft, reducing the appearance of greasy-looking locks,” says Faucher.

2. “After your run, do not wash your hair again. Instead blow-dry on cool mode to dry the sweat at the scalp,” says Faucher.

3. Finish up with another application of dry shampoo, then brush and style. Refreshed—and fast!

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