Do I Need A Cool-Down After Running In The Cold?

Do you need a proper cool-down after running in the cold? A coach advises.

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training–no matter what the weather or surface conditions.

Do I need to do a cool-down after my workout if it’s cold outside?

A proper cool-down is always important after a workout, no matter how cold or hot it is. The goal is to minimize tightness in your muscles and begin the recovery process. Staying active and transitioning from “fast” to “stopped” with a cool-down jog will help you feel more fresh and ready for your next workout. If it is a particularly cold day, consider shortening your cool-down jog and hopping on an indoor stationary bike or elliptical so you can get some more minutes in without exposing yourself to freezing temps. Be sure to dress for the weather—have a layer to put on as you cool down. This will help keep your body temperature up and prevent cramped and knotted muscles. Don’t forget to stretch and foam roll after your workout and cool-down. Continuing to engage your muscles with stretching after a hard workout will complete the post-workout routine and help you feel better when you wake up the next morning.


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