Cooked Veggies Are Better Than Raw Ones—Here’s Why

Here is why you should be eating cooked vegetables—and even some suggestions about the best way to get them cooked and ready!


Stomach Soothers

In most cases, cooking vegetables reduces their nutritional value. (Thanks for highlighting that fact, cold-pressed juice trend.) However, in some cases, adding heat actually ups their health-boosting value. The carotenoids in carrots, for example, become more bioavailable after the sticks are cooked.

One of our favorite ways to do so in the chillier months is roasting. Set your oven to 375 degrees, toss carrots with olive oil, salt and pepper (add some garlic and herbs if you want to get fancy) and let them go for 25 minutes. The lovely caramelization is a delicious reminder of the cardiovascular-boosting benefits you’ll receive with every bite.

P.S. Including sliced parsnips adds a dose of potassium too!