Two Common Skincare Mistakes You’re Making This Winter

Don't make these leg- and feet-care mistakes during the winter just because you are wearing boots and pants all season long. Give them love!


Here’s a winter weather advisory: Give dry skin the cold shoulder by revamping your regimen. Nix these no-nos, and you’ll get healthy, holiday-worthy skin.

Winter Mistakes: Taking a Shave-cation

While it’s tempting to take a hiatus from the hair removal game when your legs are in the dark until spring, you shouldn’t let your leg hair hibernate.

“Don’t skimp on a shaving routine in the winter, as it can lead to more rubbing, chafing and ingrown hairs,” says dermatologist Annie Chiu of the Derm Institute and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in California. “Don’t dry shave or use soap—use a moisturizing shave gel that puts hydrating ingredients back into the skin.”

Chiu recommends a razor with a moisturizing strip.

Winter Mistakes: Forgetting Your Feet

Just because it’s not sandal season doesn’t mean your feet deserve any less TLC .

“Apply a moisturizer containing urea on damp feet before putting on your socks,” says Chiu. “This keeps calluses and thickened dry skin from building up with repetitive motions like running. If you do get cracked dry skin on the heels from running, try the DIY trick of using Krazy Glue to seal these fissures for faster healing and comfort.”