Can You Truly Just Race For Fun?

Sometimes it is worth it to just enjoy the moment of racing.

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Does the idea of a race immediately brings thoughts of breathless, heart pumping, sprinting for your life type of running?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. But can you race for fun?

I’m not a super Type A runner so I enjoy a fun race that isn’t all about time.

This weekend I ran the Disneyland Half Marathon, which is a super fun race. A majority of the runners are dressed up in Disney themed costumes. There are even popular Disney characters placed throughout the course that you can stop and take pictures with. Imagine a fun mid-race picture with Cinderella instead of that half-dead sweaty one at mile 11 from your last race. (That’s not just my race pictures right?)

Some of my favorite parts of the race were running through California Adventure and pass the big ferris wheel that’s all lit up for the race. I spotted Peter Pan on the course and Captain Hook. Then we ran through the castle off of Main Street USA in Disneyland.

I’m glad I stopped, enjoyed it and took pictures. This is a race to remember for the landmarks, not the finish time.

So while most races are about how fast you can finish, this is one I suggest you enjoy. Even if you are normally super competitive, this might be one race where it’s better to become a kid again and run for FUN.

But if that’s hard for you, may I suggest some other markers to measure your race success.

Fun Run Race Goals:
1. High-five 20 spectators.
2. Take a selfie with a certain mile marker.
3. Take a picture of the funniest race sign.
4. Finish with a friend.

Question: What was the most fun race you’ve ever done?

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