This Shows How Many Calories You Burn In An Hour Per Activity

What outdoor activity burns the most calories? This infographic has the answer!

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With perfect summer weather comes more time spent outdoors. Being active is great for our health and fitness, and fueling goes hand-in-hand with that. In order to fuel our bodies properly during our outdoor activities, it helps to know how many calories you are likely to burn on certain activities.

Thanks to this helpful infographic from Cool of the Wild, you no longer have to wonder! They rounded up 18 of the most popular outdoor adventures and included the average number of calories burned in each activity in one hour.

They add: “So if motivation is lacking and you’re in need of a reason to get off your backside and boss your sport like you know you can, then take a look at these stats for a reminder of just how great being active in the outdoors is for you and how to plan your nutrition to suit.”

How many calories do outdoor pursuits burn in an hour?