Best Drinks for your Budget

We took a look at popular electrolyte drinks for runners to see what you get for your money

We took a look at popular foods for runners to see what you get for your money. First up- electrolyte drinks.

When you need a little more than water to rehydrate (i.e., on steamy days or for runs lasting longer than an hour), there is an ever-growing number of bevs that deliver the necessary electrolytes and carbs.

Budget: Tablets

The latest addition to the sports drink market has you mix your own—a welcome option for those who like their liquid with a side of good conscience (reuse those bottles!) and savor lower cost per serving.

Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes Fizz Tube ($5): $0.38 per serving
GU Electrolyte Brew Drink Mix ($6.50): $0.54 per serving
Nuun On-the-Go Drink Mix ($6.50): $0.54 per serving

Average Price: $0.49 per serving

Mid-Price: Bottled Beverages

Single-serving beverages are convenient in a pinch (think ducking into a gas station to grab a Gatorade mid-long run). But you’re paying more for the delivery method (and the plastic) than you are for the liquid.

Gatorade G Series: $1.49
Powerade Sports Drink: $1.49
Glaceau VitaminWater: $1.59

Average Price:: $1.52

Splurge: Coconut Water

Sometimes referred to as “nature’s energy drink,” coconut water is a natu-ral way to rehydrate and replenish electrolytes, boost potassium and avoid added sugars. One drawback? It lacks the sodium your body needs after heavy sweating.

VitaCoco Pure Coconut Water: $2.59
Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water: $2.49
Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Coconut Water: $2.79

Average Price: $2.62