Beans Are A New Focus In Plant-Based Nutrition

As vegetarianism has grown, the market has had to find more options for plant-based proteins. Beans took over—and come in endless options.


The new health food trend? Plant proteins.

With the growth of vegetarianism (both full and part-time), the market demands more options for plant-based proteins. Protein from coconuts and other nuts and seeds is finding its way into more products—but the real focus recently is on beans.

There’s hummus now in any flavor conceivable (we’ve even seen chocolate). Plus, beans are showing up as surprise ingredients. Beanitos makes chips and snacks in different flavors to rival those of Frito-Lay (which also makes a chip with black beans as the first ingredient). Explore Cuisine creates pastas from black beans, edamame, adzuki beans, chickpeas, lentils and more.