Balance Out Weekend Indulgences With These Activities

Everything in moderation, right?



Treat Yourself
It’d be a shame to visit Maine and not eat a lobster roll or to pass through France without enjoying a few crepes. Vacation is a chance to indulge. To balance out tasty treats, choose healthy options for the majority of meals and snacks, and counter your scrumptious fare with a healthy dose of fitness.

Margarita on the Rocks
455 Calories = 2 games of beach volleyball

Ballpark Hot Dog With Mustard
290 Calories = 4 games of Ping-Pong

Chicago Deep Dish Sausage Pizza Slice
420 Calories = 2 hours pedaling around the city

Campfire S’more
268 Calories = 45-minute hike

New York Cheesecake Slice
380 Calories = 9 holes of golf (no cart)

San Diego Fish Taco
305 Calories =  1 hour stroll

Take It Outside
To maximize the rejuvenating effects of your vacation, skip the hotel gym and seek sunshine. “Research shows being exposed to outdoor elements causes our bodies to produce serotonin, the ‘feel-good’ chemical,” says Ellen Miller, who creates outdoor fitness adventures at the Vail Mountain Lodge in Colorado. “When our bodies produce serotonin, we reap amazing benefits, like relaxation, happiness and better sleep.” That’s exactly what we’re looking for on holiday!