Ask The Coach: When To Carry Water During Summer Runs

Coach Hillary Kigar has summer hydration tips for runners anticipating lots of hot and sweaty distance runs during the warmer seasons.

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has answers for all things training. For runners anticipating lots of long runs during the warmer seasons, Hillary has tips for making the most of your summer hydration.

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When I go on a hot summer run, should I carry water or is it okay to just drink some before and after?

If your run is 30 minutes or less, drinking a glass or two of water before and after the workout should be fine. For runs longer than half an hour, bring a bottle and sip throughout your run. There are running-specific handheld bottles that fit comfortably like a glove—you likely won’t even notice it’s there! When choosing a bottle, look for the “soft flask” style that shrinks as water is consumed, preventing sloshing. If it’s really hot, consider putting an electrolyte fluid or powder in your water since you’ll sweat more.


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