10 Annoying Questions Every Runner Has Been Asked

Dorothy shares some of the most absurd questions that runners get and how she wishes she could answer each and every one.


In 2003 when I first became a marathoner I would get excited when friends and family asked me questions about my newfound passion. Explaining how far a marathon was didn’t bother me in the least because I too had wondered if all marathons were the same distance.

Fast forward 14 years—and 32 marathons later—and I’m still getting the SAME questions, from the SAME people. My internal thoughts have gotten a bit sarcastic as I force a smile and offer up the SAME answers I’ve been saying year after year. “Yes I love running;” “No, I’m not stopping any time soon;” “I already look like a runner thank-you-very-much;” “Marathons are always the same distance;” and “No, it’s not boring, I LOVE it, you should give it a try.”

Here are 10 questions you’ve probably (definitely) had to answer more than once:

You still into that running thing? Yes, I am. You still into that brushing your teeth thing?

How far is this marathon? 26.2 miles. It doesn’t change. Never, ever, ever. It’s always 26.2 miles or it’s not a marathon.

Didn’t you just run yesterday? Why yes, yes I did and I’m going to run today, and probably tomorrow, too. Didn’t you take a lunch break yesterday?

Isn’t running terrible for you? Seriously? Do people still think this? Yep. So terrible. It’s doing nothing for my health.

You run 5 miles all at once? Yes, all at once, in a row. That’s what it means to run 5 miles.

So when do you think you will finally stop running so much? Ummm never.

I don’t get why you run, isn’t it boring? You know what’s boring? Talking about how boring running is.

Did you win? Yes and my first name is Meb and I have a bridge I want to sell you.

Doesn’t running make you tired? Sometimes yes, and watching TV for too long makes me tired as well; doesn’t mean I’m going to stop any time soon.

How long do you have to run before you look like a runner? Oh here we go again. I look like a runner. Runners come in all shapes and sizes. How long will it take before you stop asking me this question?

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