Alternatives To Popular Candy Are UNREAL(ly Delicious)

The food company plans to re-invent the world's favorite candies from a better-for-you point of view.

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The food company plans to re-invent the world’s favorite candies from a better-for-you point of view.

If you’re in the market for something sweet with fewer consequences, step away from the candy aisle. UNREAL, the “unjunked food company,” recently launched their new line of health-conscious treats, free of gluten, corn and soy and boasting much less sugar than the traditional alternatives. With new unique flavors (Hello, quinoa!) and popular oldies that never fail to satisfy (what about a dark chocolate and coconut combo?), UNREAL hopes to re-invent the idea that all of our favorite splurges are terrible terrible for us—an idea that started on junk food’s most popular night: Halloween.

“Why do our favorite foods have to be so bad for us?” asked Nicky and Kris Bronner, siblings and founders of UNREAL. After being stripped of their Halloween candy one year, the duo started researching ways to make their favorite chocolates better for your body with less chemical, sugar and waistline consequences.

“With UNREAL’s newest candy line, Nicky and Kris have proven that candy can be made without chemicals, artificial colors, corn syrup and excess sugar—and taste even better,” explains Chief Marketing Officer Amanda Reiss.

This re-invention of the world’s favorite candies follows an ongoing goal among companies to re-visit popular munchies from a healthier perspective. “We are not a candy company, we are a food company,” says Nicky Bronner. Through their careful “double shot” approach, UNREAL individualizes each step of creating the perfect peanut butter cup or piece of candy—using real flavors like beet and carrot juice to insert color on the candy-coated milk chocolate bites! For the cups, each layer of chocolate and peanut butter center is poured separately, versus the “one shot” approach of other popular brands.

“We’re constantly innovating to deliver exciting and delicious products for the natural aisle. But above all we believe in being a business that does the right thing,” explains CEO Steve Konczal. From our sustainable sourcing practices to using fair trade and organic ingredients, we’re always striving to do what’s better for people and what’s better for the planet.”

After hearing about this enticing new afternoon delight, the Women’s Running team had to try each new cup and piece of candy-coated goodness. Feedback ranged from good to better—the quinoa cups curbed the craving for salty Rice Krispies, while the other cups simply tasted like fantastic combos of our stand-alone favorites: dark chocolate, peanut butter and coconut. The candy-coated peanuts flew out the door as well—one handful was enough to keep our staff away from the double M’s in the vending machine. One tester said, “This unreal thing is the real thing!” Yes, we agree. Some of us even went for a run after eating two cups!