A Runner & Beauty Expert Reveals Her Favorite Products

What do runners in the beauty industry actually use on themselves?


When you walk into Blush Beauty Bar in Portland, Ore., it’s sensory overload—hundreds of lovely vials, sticks and bottles line the shelves. Luckily, some of the women who work at Blush are also dedicated runners. One runner reveals which products are her own personal bests.

Meet Carrie Wilson
This ultrarunner, Ironman and mother likes to keep her beauty products “easy.” She only uses a few select items—even though she’s the store’s buyer.

Arcona Desert Mist
Wilson adds this serum to her sunscreen in the morning for an extra layer of hydration and protection against pollution, weather and whatnot.

Blinc Mascara
The waterproof mascara comes off easily with warm water and a little pressure. Wilson loves that it not only stays put on sweaty runs, but that she can also just brush it away with her fingers in the shower.

Coola Sport SPF 50 Moisturizer
This non-greasy sunscreen is part of Wilson’s morning routine to keep her face protected from the get-go.

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Iroha Nature Progressive Exfoliation Foot Socks
This is like a chemical peel for your feet, Wilson explains. You’ll continue to see flaking for about a week after you use the socks, which Wilson concedes was frightening at first. Now she uses this every three months. It also takes off polish, so don’t get a pedi right before using.

Kai Deodorant
Wilson says, “It works and smells pretty.” That may be the bottom line for a deodorant, but it’s also aluminum-free, translucent and good for sensitive skin.

Marvis Toothpaste
Like you just had your teeth cleaned at the dentist—that’s how Wilson describes the feeling after brushing with this brand.