A Day in the (Eating) Life of Kristin Chenoweth

Find out how this star fuels her busy days of work and exercise.


How does the powerful yet petite Kristin Chenoweth fuel her work and running? With these healthy meals…

“I believe in eating breakfast for a king, lunch for a queen and dinner for a pauper. This morning, I had egg whites, yogurt, granola and half a croissant. I knew it would be a crazy-busy day and that I’d only have time for a small lunch.”

“Half a turkey sandwich and a piece of fruit.”

“If I’m by myself, I’ll just have a salad with chicken for dinner. When I was visiting my mom recently, we ate pot roast and green beans and wheat bread. For dessert, she likes serving tiny dessert cups of smoothies—just strawberry, banana and a little bit of orange juice. I’ve gotten really into that. I have a sweet tooth, and it makes me feel like I’m having a real dessert.”

Snack Time
What between-mealtime looks like for the star…

– “I’m not a great eater. I’m one of those people who will forget to eat if I’m busy. I’m constantly reminding myself: Have some almonds! Have an apple! Eat!”
– “I don’t like drinking water, even though I should, so I bring Crystal Light packets with me to make water more palatable.”
– “I try to reach for carrots, celery and hummus. I also like snacking on edamame, almonds, peanut butter and other high-protein foods.”
– “I’m a big believer that if you want a Coca-Cola, you should have it. If you need a snack, you should eat it.”