7 Simple Ways To Drink More Water

If you're feeling chronically dehydrated, one, two or all of these tricks will keep the water flowing this summer.

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Summer revolves around water—weekends at the beach, laps at the pool and sweat-drenched runs. But despite how much time we spend swimming and sweltering, many of us forget to drink our daily dose of H2O (aim for half your body weight in ounces of water, more if you’re working out intensely or in the heat). As the days get hotter it becomes more and more important to stay hydrated. Whatever your excuse for not drinking enough—you don’t like the taste (what?), you’re too busy, you’re forgetful—here are some easy fixes to keep you hydrated through all your summer fun.

1. Fancy it up with fruit. Give your drink a little oomph with some fresh-fruit flavor.  Slice up a few lemons and limes, add them to a big pitcher of water and let it sit overnight in the fridge to enjoy the next day. Or pick up an infuser water bottle and fill with strawberries and blueberries to enjoy delicious, antioxidant-packed water at your desk. Craving something more exotic? Try mixing and matching flavors for a unique beverage—grapefruit and mint, peach and ginger, blueberry and thyme, or cucumber, melon and lime.

2. Bring it on the go. You can’t drink water if you don’t have it with you. Invest in a large reusable water bottle that you only have to refill a few times to meet your quota. Look for one with insulation to keep liquids at the perfect temperature all day. Whether you like your water ice cold or room temperature, just make sure you make your bottle an extension of your arm and keep it with you constantly.

3. Pop the bubbly. If you think water is the absolute most boring thing on earth, make it a little more interesting with some fizz. Try plain or flavored seltzer water and muddle a few fresh berries or mint at the bottom of your glass for an extra kick.

4. Sound the alarm. You’re way too busy to stare at the clock all day! So set an alarm for a few different times throughout your day, and down a glass every time it goes off.  And don’t forget to have one when your alarm first gets you out of bed in the morning to rehydrate and set the tone for the day.

5. There’s an app for that. If you’re more likely to tote around your phone than a water bottle, try downloading an app like Waterlogged or Water Your Body to help you track your consumption and get reminders to sip more often. Even when you’re busy checking emails or just zoned out on your phone, you’ll still be able to stay on track.

6. Make it second nature. Start drinking a glass of water after the activities you do on a daily basis—brushing your teeth, getting your afternoon latte, picking up your mail. Before long you will automatically drink a few glasses every day without even realizing it.

7. Sip with a straw. If all else fails, stick a straw in it. This is by far the easiest tip to follow. All you need is a straw and…that’s it!  You’ll be amazed at how easily it goes down and how much more water you’ll drink just by switching up the way you sip. Bottoms up! (Bonus points if you use one of those plastic silly straws we all loved when we were kids.)

Alison Barsalona is a stay-at-home mom to one baby and one beagle.  She is working on getting her running and fitness groove back and perfecting the art of the jogging stroller.