7 Great Breakfasts Foods To Start Your Day

Have these healthy breakfast staples on hand to set yourself up for a healthy day.

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*Courtesy of POPSUGAR Fitness

When it comes to losing weight, results start in the kitchen — and at your first meal of the day. Have these healthy breakfast staples on hand to set yourself up for weight-loss success.

  1. Cinnamon: Think of cinnamon as your breakfast’s secret weight-loss powerhouse. The spice adds sweetness to almost anything — without the calories, of course — so use it to sweeten your coffee or sprinkle on top of your oatmeal. It also may help regulate blood sugar so you stay energized all throughout the morning without needing to reach for another sweet treat.
  2. Eggs: A hard-boiled egg is the ultimate in healthy grab-and-go eats. At just 72 calories and six grams of protein per egg, choosing an egg over refined carbs like a plain bagel or a blueberry muffin will help keep you full and energized all morning long. For an extrafilling and delicious breakfast that takes just minutes to prepare, try this simple hard-boiled eggs and avocado recipe.
  3. Fruit: From topping your yogurt or oatmeal to throwing into a blender for smoothies, fruit can satisfy your sweet tooth in the morning without you having to resort to the pastry case at Starbucks. Plus, since most fruits are high in fiber, they’ll help you stay full as well.
  4. Green tea: When it comes to weight loss, green tea is hard to beat. Studies have shown that the beverage can increase your metabolism and lower stress levels. Studies have also shown that the stress hormone cortisol is linked to belly fat, so every bit helps when it comes to keeping calm.
  5. Greek yogurt: This high-protein breakfast mainstay is a favorite for a reason; using it as a base, you can use a variety of healthy Greek yogurt toppings while keeping your breakfast’s calories low. Just be sure to watch out for high sugar content, which can give your body an added sugar overload. Get a comparison of Greek yogurt calorie, sugar, and protein content here.
  6. Nut milks: Lower in calories and sugar than regular milk, nut milk is great to have on hand for pouring over granola, soaking overnight oats, or adding into smoothies. It’s easy to make your own almond milk by following this simple recipe.
  7. Oats: A bowl of oatmeal can aid in your weight-loss goals; since it’s a complex carb, it takes longer for your body to digest so you stay full for hours without an energy crash. Cooking time will vary depending on the type of oats you use (rolled oats take less time than steel cut) — just remember to steer clear of sugary, processed instant oatmeal packets. For the fastest way to a warming, hearty, and healthy breakfast, use this ingenious oatmeal freezer hack for perfectly proportioned meals.

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