6 Running Goals You Can Make No Matter Your Experience

These goals don't have anything to do with mileage or time—but yet, effect what kind of runner that you are and will become.

I’m not wearing shoes in the picture because of some pretty crazy blisters that developed at mile 4 of the race.

I definitely lost some of my running fitness during my 5 weeks off. My endurance is nowhere near what it used to be. But that is okay. As I ease back into running, I have started setting some goals for myself.

With this new training cycle, my objectives for returning from a running break have nothing to do with getting back to full speed ASAP. The goals I have set for myself don’t include a weekly mileage number, and I don’t expect myself to be where I was last year at this time.

I am ready and excited to work hard, but my plans for this training cycle are different than any other time in the past.

I want to:

  • Stop comparing myself to my past running times. Of course we are going to be faster at different points of our lives. It isn’t possible to always be in peak condition. Getting down on myself for not being as fast as I was months ago isn’t going to make me any better. Focusing on how I want to move forward is much more beneficial.
  • Enjoy where I am right now. Being happy in the moment and not constantly waiting until the next big thing happens is my favorite way to live.
  • Celebrate the little milestones along the way.
  • Be my own biggest cheerleader. Grow from my mistakes rather than dwell on them.
  • Keep a prayer of gratitude in my heart—that I am able to run and have such an amazing outlet in my life.
  • Do as much running on the trails as possible because those are my favorite. They make me the happiest.

What are some of your running goals right now? What type of running makes you the happiest? Tweet your goals to @hungryrunnergrl and @WomensRunning.