5 Ways To Make Running More Fun

We may think running is awesome, but everybody has those days when it just seems impossible.

MCM DTB Running Is Fun
Running isn’t always fun.

This statement is coming from someone who will shout from the rooftops how much she loves running. I may think running is awesome and you probably do too, but just about every runner out there will admit that it’s not always fun or enjoyable.

Here are five ways to make a run just a little more fun or at the very least a little less boring.

  1. Belt it out like Adele has just asked you to come on stage and sing with her. The shower shouldn’t be the only place where you feel free enough to let go. On your next run, turn up your music and sing along OUT LOUD. Laughs are guaranteed and we all could use a good laugh from time to time.
  2. Grab a friend, download a new app called Geekin Radio and belt out duets with your BRF (Best Running Friend). Taylor Swift and her #squad don’t have anything on you and your girl. What if you don’t have a friend who will run with you? Geekin Radio is an app that lets users anywhere in the world listen to the same playlist. Invite a virtual friend you met on social media to run with you at the same time. This will give you the accountability factor but can be easier than finding someone who is the same pace and available to meet in real life.
  3. Step on a crack, break your mothers back. Are you the type of runner who is always looking down on your runs? Revive the childhood game of making sure you don’t step on any cracks during your run. Giving your mind something else to focus on keeps it from thinking about the uncomfortable parts of the run.
  4. Dust off your air drums. If you are running to a kick butt playlist, its likely that there is at least one song that really gets you going. The song that makes you feel like you are floating on air and could run farther than you ever have before. Harness that energy by playing the easiest instrument around—the air drum. It’s guaranteed to make you smile. Experts say that smiling during a run can release tension and make the run feel easier.
  5. I don’t often leave my watch at home when I run. I find the beep my watch makes every mile to be motivating. If you are not running double digits, you don’t hear that motivating beep as often as those training for a marathon. Change the intervals on your GPS to beep every half mile or every 5 minutes. When the run gets tough, ask yourself if you can make it to the next beep. Once it arrives, ask yourself if you have 5 more minutes in you. Don’t look at the run as a whole. Just focus on completing the shorter segments. With each beep of the watch, ask yourself if you have more to give.

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