5 Simple Ways To Stay Fit When You Have No Time

Take advice from a super-busy college student—these stay-fit tips are so simple, there's no excuse.


Sticking to a schedule can be difficult, especially when you’re a student in college. Women’s Running spoke with Brenna Wiatrowski, a Kinesiology student at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, to hear her five tips on staying fit while working toward a degree.

1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. “This is the most obvious thing that I can think of,” says Wiatrowski. “Don’t be lazy. Use the stairs, not the elevator.”

2. Walk around campus instead of hitching rides. “It may seem easier to get into a fellow student’s car or drive yourself to your classes, but it’s much healthier to walk.”

3. Schedule workouts. “Don’t simply exercise whenever you feel like it,” explains Wiatrowski. “Put Post-it notes around your room, or set up a reminder in your phone. Go to class, workout, eat, study; choose specific times to complete activities. Just make sure that you do it.”

4. Remember: You can always workout in your dorm room. “If the gym seems too far away, or if you don’t want to drive up and lose your parking spot, you can complete in-home workouts inside your dorm room,” Wiatrowski says. “It’s a space of your own. Why not use it?”

5. Make use of your school’s fitness center, gym or activity center. “It always irritates me when students who live on campus complain that they need to get fit, but then they don’t do anything about it,” says Wiatrowski. “You pay all this money for the privilege to use your school’s gym. Why would you let it go to waste? Why not use it?”